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Birthday Party Brochure (November 16, 2018 Edition)




Birthday Invitations

We offer a Birthday Party Invitation that you can download, fill out & print on your own printer by clicking the following link:
Matrix Birthday Party Invitation

If you really want to impress your friends, order our custom printed Birthday Party Invitations (samples featured below).

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation Fortnite Birthday Party Invitation



Reservation Information

  • To best facilitate the Birthday Party booking process, please click on Begin Birthday Reservation to begin and then enter as much information as possible & one of our staff members will contact you to complete the process as soon as possible (callbacks will typically take place between Monday & Thursday).  Please begin & complete the Birthday Reservation process as early as possible (at least a week or more in advance) to help ensure that you are able to reserve your preferred game systems, party time & date.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure seats, party time & date. Balance of payment is required at check-in time. To help keep our operating costs lower, we only accept cash payment.  Note: There is an ATM located inside our store for your convenience.  Matrix coupons, discounts, daily deals or other special promotions may not be used for Birthday Parties.
  • Party Package may only be downgraded 4 Days (96 Hours) or more prior to party date.
  • Parties may reschedule at no charge up to two days (48 hours) prior to party date.  A $50 fee will be applied to parties rescheduling within 48 hours of the party to offset the cost of our already scheduled Birthday Party Host for a minimum 3.5 hour shift.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances such as an extended power outage (lasting more than one hour) or inclement weather, your party may need to be postponed and rescheduled for a future date.  It is the policy of THE MATRIX to remain open during most periods of inclement weather; however, where extraordinary circumstances warrant, due to weather or other unforeseen business interruption, the company reserves the right to close the facility.
  • We do not host Birthday parties on days when a statutory public holiday is observed.
  • Platinum & Diamond parties receive a preferential choice of big screen 50” 4K TVs or 28″ 4K Monitors and either PCs, PS4 or Xbox One gaming systems along with the use of our 4 Nintendo Switches if requested (subject to availability) & preferential choice of Birthday seating areas.
  • For Diamond parties, for every additional 4 guests an additional pizza will be included in the Diamond Package, otherwise, additional pizzas will cost extra.
  • The Matrix requires that a Mature-Rated Game Play Permission Slip be signed in advance by the parent/legal guardian of each guest under the age of 17 attending the party to allow their child to play Mature-Rated games while at our facility.
  • Similar to a movie theatre or concert venue, refunds are not issued for parties due to invited guests not showing up for the party.  If the party has paid for additional guests in advance and these guests fail to attend there is no refund or credit as the additional gaming system was reserved for the party, thereby excluding other potential customers from utilizing that gaming system during the specified party time.

Walk-in Birthday Parties

  • If you choose not to book one of our Birthday packages, the following rules apply to walk-in Birthday Parties:
    • Matrix coupons, discounts, daily deals or other special promotions may not be used for walk-in Birthday Parties.
    • No outside food or drinks (including cake or cupcakes) may be brought into our facility.
    • No presents may be brought into our facility.
    • Gaming systems will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Outside Food or Drink

  • No outside food or drink except for Birthday cake & cupcakes (cooler & freezer available for temporary storage).  Exceptions to our “No Outside Food or Drink” policy may be made for medical reasons such as food allergies.
  • Parties that bring in outside food or drink will be asked to remove it or the party will be charged a $50 outside food & drink fee to offset cleaning services and lost food sales.
  • A wide selection of beverages and snack foods are available at our concession.

Seating Areas for Food, Cake & Gift Opening

  • Open seating areas are available prior to or after game play time for up to 30 minutes for cake and gift opening.
  • Our table areas can seat up to 30 people. We have 16 tables and 30 stools that may be rearranged to accommodate larger groups.
  • Setup & clean-up is provided by our staff.
  • We have a cake knife & lighter available for use.
  • Parents may decorate the seating area if they want to add their own personal touch to the party.

Free Wi-Fi

  • SaskTel customers can join the free on-site SaskTel Select wi-fi service.  Non-SaskTel customers may ask for THE MATRIX wi-fi password to join our wi-fi network.

Dedicated Birthday Party Hosts

  • For Gold, Platinum & Diamond parties, your assigned Dedicated Birthday Party Host will serve as your best friend from start to finish to help coordinate all details of your party including multi-player game play, mini-tourneys, prizes, photos, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, assisting with food & drink orders, helping with Birthday cakes, etc.
  • If wanted, digital photos will be taken by your Host throughout your event and can either be copied at the end of your party to a Matrix USB drive or your own USB drive if you bring one or posted on THE MATRIX Facebook page.

Party Treats & Give-Aways

  • For Gold, Platinum & Diamond parties, our Dedicated Birthday Party Hosts will award or hand out various treats & prizes including items such as Fortnite or Minecraft stickers, Oreo cookies, rocket candy rolls, mini candy bars, candy cups & various other treats.

Matrix Gift

  • For Platinum & Diamond Parties, the Guest of Honour will get to choose a special Matrix Gift from a wide variety of different items which may vary over time.  We currently have frisbee’s, glow in the dark swords, license plate covers, Slush Puppie Beach Towels, bubble blasters and loot bags.

Loot Bags

  • Each Loot bag will include cool toys and treats.  Each Bag will contain up to 18 (typically varies between 10 to 18 items).  Contents may vary.

    NOTE: Our prices are subject to change without notice.


Please to try and arrive 15 min early to set up, finalize details and greet your guests as they arrive.

At least one parent/legal guardian must supervise guest behavior at all times.

Parents/legal guardians are advised to print and sign any necessary forms in advance, including:

  • Mature-rated game play permission slip;
  • Media Consent for digital photos; and,
  • Medical waiver for virtual reality gaming.

PLEASE NOTE that the Matrix Gaming Centre facility is shared with other guests.  If you want to have a private party, THE MATRIX is available to book for Private & Semi-Private parties from   9am to 12pm or during non-peak hours.

OUR ORIGINAL BIRTHDAY PARTY RADIO AD (Note: Our Moose Jaw & Rochdale locations have been permanently closed.)

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