Whats New at The Matrix??

We have 2 new games for XBOX360 in this week…Rage and Dark Souls. There are a couple of write-ups below about each game….but why read them ?? Come on down and try ’em out and see what you think.
These 2 games are rated M (17+) so remember if you are under this age you will require permission to play them. If you don’t have one already in our system, you can download a permission slip from our site (CLICK HERE) or pick one up at the concession stand.

The user plays as a survivor of the 2029 Apophis asteroid impact who has just awoken from an Ark (a world-wide movement which took scientists and other significant people, and froze them underground in cryo-pods so they could rebuild Earth). Soon, the player comes to realize that his Ark has malfunctioned and that he is the only survivor. Players have the ability to augment their cars with various items and upgrades they can gain by completing races, but the game is not specifically a racing title; the gameplay consists of a mix of mainly first person shooter elements as well as driving elements. In fact, racing is entirely optional within the game, with the exception of some early objectives that explicitly require the character to win a few races to progress the main storyline.

Rage also features some role-playing game (RPG) elements, including an inventory system, looting system, and different types of ammo. Players have the option to customize their weapons. There are also side missions and a number of other minor exploratory elements. At E3, Tim Willits stated that the game’s core is a first person shooter with car-combat added in-that is, the racing is not the sole and central focal point. The world is populated by the human survivors of the impact who were preserved from the asteroid by being buried in the Arks. The world is also populated by mutants, who serve as the player’s main enemies at least for the first half of the game, as a major change takes place at the midway point of the game.


Rage has two multiplayer modes: Road Rage and Legends of the Wasteland. In Road Rage, up to four players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of the vehicles. The objective is to collect rally points that appear around the arena while killing your opponents and stealing their points. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of two-player bonus co-op missions based on stories that you hear about as you play the single player campaign.

The game focuses on dungeon crawling and the tension and fear that arise when players encounter enemies in this setting. The game is a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls (which in turn is considered a spiritual successor to the King’s Field games). Dark Souls takes place in an open world environment. Dark Souls allows players to light Bonfires, which function as respawn locations. These bonfires also replenish health, magic, and special items like Estus flasks – limited vials that restore health. The player battles using various weapons and strategies to survive in a dark fantasy world. Online features allow players to share the play experience without need for direct communication.

There are more weapons, spells, and new classes. It is also said to be ‘significantly harder’, with more enemies and more difficult encounters. It includes leaving messages to other players, seeing others’ deaths, and player versus player (as well as a new co-op system).

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