The Matrix features over 1000+ games on 76 computer systems, 2 HTC Vive Virtual Reality Systems, 11 PS4s, 32 XBOX ONEs, 2 XBOX 360s for Guitar Hero, 2 Wii Us, and one Nintendo Switch gaming console.


1 Hour               $8.00 per person
2 Hours           $12.00 per person
3 Hours           $13.00 per person
4 Hours           $15.00 per person
6 Hours           $18.00 per person

Day Pass
7 Days a Week (Open to Midnight) $22.00
*With a Day Pass you are free to come and go from THE MATRIX throughout the day but the same gaming system may not be available when you return.

Midnight Madness
Friday (10pm to 8am) $22.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
*The only outside food permitted is birthday cake or cup cakes. Beverages and snack foods are available to purchase at our concession.